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03 Apr 2018
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The Trial Panel, Prosecutor, Clerks, Litigant and Lawyers

On April 3rd, 2018, in the Clinical Law Room, students of the 54th intake of Law Faculty, FTU conducted and participated in the annual Moot Court – a part of the Civil Litigation course within International Trade Law curriculum.

The Moot Court is a significant feature of the legal training curriculum at FTU Faculty of Law, which aims to develop legal skills such as: reading, researching, document analyzing, litigation, and courtroom management skills, as well as to enable students to become more familiar with a legal environment where law students often do not have much opportunity to access.

Unlike the 2017 Moot Court, the 2018 Moot adopted changes in the Judge's attire, in the arrangement the position of people executing and participating in the proceeding in accordance with the new regulations regarding the courtroom. Students taking part in the Moot, under the guidance of instructors of the Faculty, studied 609 filings and prepare themselves documents including: (1) Petition; (2) defendant's opinions on the plaintiff's claims; (3) the defendant's counter-claim and proposals; (4) The pleadings to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the plaintiff/defendant; (5) Decision to bring the case to trial; (6) Judgment. 


Trial Panel (Judge – student Le Thuy Tien, People's Jurors – student Nguyen Minh Anh, student Lam Thi Kim Oanh), Procurator – student Vo Phuong Thao and Court Clerk – student Le Thi Nhung.

In addition to the procurators and bailiff, 10 selected students were divided into three groups:

(1)  Trial Panel which consists of: the Judge - student Le Thuy Tien, 02 People’s Jurors  - student Nguyen Minh Anh and student Lam Thi Kim Oanh, Procurator – student Vo Phuong Thao, and Court Clerk - student Le Thi Nhung;

(2)  Plaintiff - student Doan Thi Thuy and 02 lawyers to protect the legitimate rights and interests for the Plaintiff - student Pham Ho Hoang Long and student Dang Ngoc Thuc Nhi;

(3)  The defendant - student Le Thi Minh Hang and 02 lawyers to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the defendant - student Le Ba Thai Quynh, and student Duong Thai Ngan.

The Moot Court was conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Civil Procedure Code, including: Opening, Oral argument, Deliberation and Pronouncement of Judgments. Files and documents related to the case were sent to the groups in advance for preparation. 


02 lawyers to protect the legitimate rights and interests for the Plaintiff - student Pham Ho Hoang Long and student Dang Ngoc Thuc Nhi

The Moot was based on a real case involving the plaintiff (Thai Hoa Company) and the defendant (Hoang Son Company), where the two companies, signed a contract for the supply and installation of equipments for a hydroelectric plant. During the course of the contract, a dispute was raised upon the quality of the equipments, rate of progress, technical requirements and payment issues. The case was unsettled, which required the lawyers protecting the interests of both the plaintiff and the defendant thorough preparation.


02 lawyers to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the defendant - student Le Ba Thai Quynh, and student Duong Thai Ngan

Students groups therefore had to make judgments on possible courtroom situations and corresponding solutions. Hence, the hearing took place with many unexpected and interesting elements. At the same time, the students as members of the Trial Panel were to carefully study the documents, listen to the parties’ pleadings and opinions, in order to make the most impartial and reasonable decision. The administration of the trial is not any less challenging in this trial.

For active participation in the preparation and presentation of the student groups, the 2018 Moot Court was a big success. The trial procedures were properly executed, the litigation was filled with pleadings and arguments that were near professional, bringing excitement to the audience.

The trial gave students much deeper understandings and insight the procedural process, as well as the Civil Litigation course. This is also a chance for the 54th intake of law students to improve teamwork, solidarity and clinical legal skills in general.


2018 FTU Moot Court was a success

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