07 May 2020
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Language of Instruction: Vietnamese

Location: Foreign Trade University, Hanoi campus

Duration: 4 years full-time

Assessment: Coursework and exams plus thesis/or internship & final comprehensive exams


-         High school diploma

-         Passing the national university entrance examination


-         Teaching a broad range of subjects related to National law, International Trade and Business Law;

-         Teaching Clinical legal education and Legal Ethics;

-         Facilitating knowledge acquisition via practice-oriented approach including specialized clubs, community teaching, mock trial, moot-court (FDI Moot Court, VIS Moot held in Korea, Hong Kong, Austria) and paid internship at prominent Law firms.

-         Enhancing students learning basic and advanced lawyering skills: Research and analysis skill, Legal Writing skill, Avocacy skill, Oral communication skill, Client communication skill, research and analysis skill, contract drafting skill, skills on international trade dispute resolution, etc.

-         Equipping students with the Basic and Advanced Legal English.

-         Providing career scholarships, scholarship for students with best academic results.


Vietnam has aggressively globalized in trade and investment with the accumulation of international dispute. As a result, majoring in International Trade Law, students will have a wide range of job opportunity. LLB consists of a broad collective law subjects with an emphasis on professionalism, integrity and innovation taught by Lecturers who pursued their degree in developed countries with a high level of academic education. Further, students also take a chance to absorb legal perspective and skills from leading professors and practitioners via numerous training workshops and practical activities. Not only does this program equip graduates with a comprehensive knowledge of law, regulations on international trade and trade policies as well as proficiency in English, but also it enhances their necessary skills through various practical activities to succeed in the field.


Potential occupations for Bachelors of International Trade Law:

- National and Foreign Law firms specializing in International trade;

- Legal department of in incorporation, group, exporting-importing companies, multinational companies, foreign investment companies and companies in all economic fields;

- Authorities related to trade and foreign investment;

- Legal specialist at International organizations: WTO, WB, IMF,… and NGOs.


Major subjects

Civil Law

Civil Procedure Law

Commercial Law

Public International Law

Private International Law

Law on Finance and Banking

Competition Law

Intellectual Property Law

Corporation Law

Comparative Law

E-Commerce Law

Basic and Advanced Legal English

Clinical Legal Education

Specialized subjects

International Trade Policy

International Law on Trade in Goods

International Law on Trade in Services

Foreign Investment Law

Trade Remedies in International Trade

International Business Law

International Economic Negotiation

Insurance and Transportation for International Trade

International Payments

Dispute Settlement in International Trade


For further information, please visit our website at http://law.ftu.edu.vn or contact Faculty of Law Foreign Trade University, 2nd Floor, Building B, 91 Chua Lang Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-4) 3835 6800 Ext: 168 or 284 Fax: (84-4) 3834 3605
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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