Master of Economic Management

21 Feb 2024
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PROGRAM: Master's Degree Program in Economic Management

SLOGAN: Quản lý kinh tế - Kết nối và sáng tạo

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The objective of the program is to train high-quality human resources in foreign economics management, with in-depth industry knowledge, professional practice skills and leadership standards in the international environment.


1. Training period: 18 months (evenings and/or weekends)

2. Language: Vietnamese

3. Tuition: 58 million VND/course (adjusted annually according to the regulations of Foreign Trade University)


- Format: Entrance Exam

- Exam subjects:

1. International trade policy

2. Assess candidate's ability

3. English

(Candidates are exempted from the English test if they meet the conditions specified in the university's admission notice)


- Graduated in the right major and suitable for the registration field for the exam in the group of Economics.

- Graduated from a university with a major or groups of disciplines related to the registered industry, such as:

+ Majors: Educational management, Cultural management, State management, Information management, Publication business, Economic law, International law, Urban and construction management, Agribusiness, Agricultural economics, Forest resource management, Fisheries management, Sport management, Household economics, Flight operations management, Transport economics, State management of security and order, Traffic safety management.

+ Industry group: Business, Finance - Banking - Insurance, Accounting - Auditing, Administration - Management, Industrial management, Construction management, Health management, Tourism, Hotel, Restaurants, Resource and environmental management. In this case, before registering for the entrance exam to the Economic Management major, the candidate must study supplementary knowledge (BSKT) 02 modules.

- Graduated from university in other disciplines and taking additional knowledge of 04 modules and have 02 (two) years of working experience in the field of registration, up to the date of registration.

* BSKT courses:

1. International Economic Relations
2. International trade policy
3. Macroeconomics
4. Investment economics


- Economic research and analysis (3 credits)

- Organizational communication (3 credits)

- Public finance (3 credits)

- Economic law (3 credits)

- Leadership in the organization (3 credits)

- Trade facilitation (3 credits)

- International investment (3 credits)

- Innovation and creativity (3 credits)

- Global value chain (3 credits)

- Negotiation and conflict management (3 credits)

- Human resource management (3 credits)

- Global Logistics (3 credits)

- World economic and political geography (3 credits)

- State management of intellectual property (3 credits)

- Procurement management (3 credits)


After graduating from a master's degree program in Economic Management, students can apply their knowledge and develop skills, as well as improve their professional awareness and attitudes to create new career opportunities, be able to participate in many of the following job positions:

Group 1: Leadership positions, positions of managers at economic management agencies at all levels, including central and local levels, ministries and agencies that have the function of state management of the economy such as: main experts, group leaders, heads of departments, directors of centers.

Group 2: Leadership and management positions in State-owned enterprises and enterprises of all sectors that have cooperative relationships with the public sector.

Group 3: Researchers and lecturers at research institutions, educational and training institutions at all levels in economic management such as universities, research institutes, training centers in Vietnam and foreign policy consulting firms.

After graduating from this course, students have the opportunity to participate in researching and working at Foreign Trade University.



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