FTU students won big prizes at the final round of the Asia Pacific region in the Fresh Connection - Apics Global Student Challenge 2017 competition

09 Jul 2017
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July 09th marked the end of the final round of the Asia Pacific region in the Fresh Connection - Apics Global Student Challenge 2017 competition.

This competition aimed at picking out young, talented students in the whole world in the field of supply chain management. The final round was co- organized by the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Community in the Netherlands and the Shanghai University, China.

Vietnam is honored to have three representative teams in the final round of the Asia Pacific region this year, including FTU SHANGHAI team with three students: Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Trinh, Ms. Vu Thi Thu Hien, Mr. Tran Trong Hung from FTU in Hanoi. The two representative teams who come from FTU in Ho Chi Minh city. There are GALAXY Team with 4 students: Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong, Mr. Nguyen Cong Danh, Mr. Le Nhat Quynh, Mr. Le Nguyen Vu and PARAMOUNT team with 4 students Ms. Vo Thi Thuong, Ms. Le Thi Thao Uyen, Ms. Le Thu Nguyet, Mr. Tran Anh Tung.

All the teams were competing on the platform of virtual software which simulated the supply chain of a manufacturing company with a global market. The members took on the role of Vice President of these departments: Purchasing, Operation, Supply Chain Management, Sales with the goal of bringing profits for the companies that were evaluated based on the Return on Investment (ROI).

This contest is a great opportunity for young talents to apply the knowledge they have learned to solve the assumptions of supply chain management and the ability to make business decisions in the context of operating a global manufacturing company. Teams have gone through three stressful rounds to make strategic decisions to help the company achieve the best financial performance.

Throughout each round, the pressure was increasing as the organizers gave new conditions and issues to the topic to challenge the adaptability, sensitivity of the contestants when making decisions for their business.

After three rounds of intense competition, three representatives of Vietnam from Foreign Trade University boasted the top teams with the highest ROI. The final result was three representatives of Vietnam brought home one gold and two silver medals. The FTU SHANGHAI team from the Hanoi Foreign Trade University won the Gold medal, the GALAXY and PARAMOUNT team from FTU HCM City Campus also won two silver medals.

The final round of the Fresh Connection - Apics Global Student Challenge 2017 competition had come to an end and brought many lessons and practical experiences to global students.

FTU SHANGHAI team: Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Trinh, Mr. Tran Trong Hung, Ms. Vu Thi Thu Hien (from left to right)

FTU GALAXY Team: Mr. Le Nguyen Vu, Mr. Nguyen Cong Danh, Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong, Mr. Le Nhat Quynh (from left to right)

FTU PARAMOUNT Team: Ms. Vo Thi Thuong, Ms. Le Thi Thao Uyen, Ms. Le Thu Nguyet, Mr. Tran Anh Tung (from left to right)

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