Foreign Trade University (FTU) Introduction

- Official name: Foreign Trade University - Đại học Ngoại thương

- Short name: FTU

- Logo:

Foreign Trade University (FTU) is a university established in 1960, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The university also has campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ninh. FTU is recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam and has gained enormous achievements in providing talented graduates to the Vietnamese economy. FTU offers a wide range of majors and specializations in economics, business, business administration, finance and banking and foreign languages.

It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for both local and foreign students. These courses are taught in Vietnamese, English, Japanese and French.

The university's reputation has grown steadily since its conception due to the academic and career success of its students and staffs. FTU is often regarded as one of the most, if not the most, prestigious universities in Vietnam. The annual admissions test to the university is the most competitive in Vietnam. Students from FTU are recognized as being active and well-qualified.

FTU Vietnam for the past 50 years, FTU has been home to talented scholars who have been drawn from all over the country to teach, study, and create. FTU provides a unique educational experience in an environment that prepares students not only for the challenges of today, but for a world that has yet to be imagined. The university currently hosts 25,000 students who learn to lead and serve not only through a strong academic curriculum but also by participation in a range of extracurricular activities, from athletics to community service.