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Language of Instruction: Vietnamese

Location: Foreign Trade University, Hanoi campus and Ho Chi Minh City campus

Duration: 4 years full-time

Assessment: Coursework andexams plus thesis/ or internship & final comprehensive exams


- High school diploma

- Passing the national university entrance examination

- International students: refer to page 18 for further information


- Develop specific knowledge and skills in banking and finance critical to effective and efficient management

- Concentrate on international finance

- Provide a simulated working environment through interactive computer assisted learning, “Dealing Room” as though students were working in a bank sectors: asset management; commercial and investment banking in an international context; the financial management of commercial and industrial enterprises and of financial institutions; the financial aspects of venture capital as well as of merger and acquisition; and in most aspects of management consulting in both domestic and the international sectors. In addition, the program prepares students well for careers not simply in the private sector.



Foreign Trade University has been teaching International Finance and Payment for nearly 50 years and the Bachelor of Finance and Banking with concentration on International Finance launched in 2006 was built on that reputation. We are among the first to offer this degree in Vietnam. Our experienced faculty members have earned reputation for their high quality research and excellent teaching in area of international payment, which shapes the standards and practice of banking and financial institutions
in Vietnam.

The program covers the core areas of open macroeconomics, international finance and payment, foreign exchange trading, capital markets, corporate financial policies, corporate finance, and financial accounting; gives a global perspective on investment markets and asset classes; provides practical and theoretical knowledge on the processes and mechanism underlying investment; and builds students’ numerical skills so that they are able to understand and practice investment-related mathematics.


Finance is a critical function of business that offers many opportunities for exciting and challenging careers. The Bachelor of Finance and Banking with concentration on International Finance develops the skills necessary to work at a high level of expertise in all areas of banking and finance, in both private and public.


- Money and Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Public Finance

- Principle of Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Auditing

- International Finance, International Payment, and International Trade Finance

- Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Corporate Finance

- Securities Analysis and Investment, Foreign Exchange Trading, and Financial Risk Management


For further information, please visit our website at http://www.ftu.edu.vn or contact Faculty of Finance and Banking Foreign Trade University, 91 Chua Lang Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (0084) 4-3 835 6800 Ext: 534 or 538

Fax: (0084) 4 -3 834 3605

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: http://finance.ftu.edu.vn/

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