Message of the President

05 Sep 2016
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan - President of FTU


Welcome to Foreign Trade University!

As the President of the Foreign Trade University, I am delighted to invite you to join me in becoming a part of this exciting community.

Established in 1960, Foreign Trade University has been a vibrant hub for talented students, professors, and scholars to study, teach, exchange, research, create, and contribute to radical transformation of lives and inspiration of innovation. With three campuses across the nation, our talented faculty and staff are committed to excellence in teaching and providing educational opportunity for almost twenty thousand students.

For fifty five years, Foreign Trade University has achieved high international reputation and standing in a wide range of areas – economics, business, law, and foreign languages. In an international environment at Foreign Trade University, there is an astonishing diversity of flexible and broad-based programs offered in different languages coupled with leadership opportunities that nurture and prepare our versatile, creative, socially competent students for an increasingly globalized world. Foreign Trade University is also proud of our global alumni, who have studied with us and are now achieving success all over the world.

As the President, I intend to build on successes of over the last 55 years to ensure that Foreign Trade University is an innovative and unique center of knowledge, which is committed to academic excellence, and to set a higher sight in the world. I would like to promote activities that facilitate cooperation between academia, government, and the business community and turn Foreign Trade University into a national and regional hub for sharing and utilizing cutting-edge ideas and knowledge.

I have full confidence that Foreign Trade University will continue to build its stature as one of the nation’s top public universities. It is a privilege to lead this university, and to call Foreign Trade University home. I cannot imagine a more exciting place to be. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm towards our goals.

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About Us

Foreign Trade University, or FTU, is a university established in 1960, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. FTU is among the most well-known universities in Vietnam, covering a wide range of business courses among which are finance, management, and marketing. The annual admissions test to the university is the most competitive in Vietnam. Students from FTU are recognized as being active and well-qualified.