The Journal of International Economics and Management (JIEM) was named as External Economics Review (EER) with six issues per year for the Vietnamese version from 2002 to 2019 and three issues per year for the English version from 2013 to 2019. Since 2019, the EER was changed to JIEM with three issues a year.

The JIEM publishes original research papers relating to all aspects of economics and management ranging from theoretical studies to quantitative or analytical studies addressing concerns viewed from international, regional, and local dimensions that are of interest to the general readers of the journal. Its purposes are to promote knowledge creation and knowledge transfer in the fields of economics, management, and interrelations with other disciplines in social and natural sciences towards achieving sustainable economic development.

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Meeting the Needs of Industry

14 May 2020
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  • In pursuit of academic and research excellence and changes for a prosperous nation and a better world, researchers at the Foreign Trade University (FTU) actively carry out innovative multidisciplinary research with a strong foundation in economics and business. Four main research directions of FTU include reform of socio-economic institutions for sustainable development, green economy and social responsibility, innovation and knowledge transfer to businesses, and restructuring and reform of corporate governance. In collaboration with international and local networks, organizations, universities, and businesses, FTU researchers also strive to turn ideas into impact. FTU’s research is translated into policy recommendations, management models and tools transferred to enterprises, and solutions for community development.

    Research and knowledge transfer activities are carried out through research projects, programs, conferences, contests, and publications. Apart from research conducted by the faculty members, FTU is encouraging all of its students to lead or participate in these research activities.


I. Reform of socio-economic institutions for sustainable development

1.1. Reform of economic institutions for innovation and inclusive development : Amicrolevelanalysis

1.2. Examining the impact of entrepreneurship education on students' entrepreneurialintentions

1.3. The Symptoms of Dutch Disease in Developing Countries: Financial Approach

1.4. The trade and investment policy reforms to stimulate economic growth

1.5. New legal issues on trade and sustainable development and recommendations for Vietnam

1.6. Applying mathematical economic models to study the impacts of foreign invested firms on economic development in Vietnam

II. Innovation and knowledge transfer to businesses

2.1. Influence of organisational factors, knowledge management and psychological capital on firm’s innovation capability

2.2. Impacts of management capability on Vietnamese firm's performance

2.3. Environmental, social and governance activities: empirical studies on enterprises

2.4. Impact of business environment on development of small and medium sized enterprises in Vietnam

2.5. The effect of business culture on firm performance in Vietnam

2.6. Linking managers’ personality traits and firm performance: An experimental study

2.7. The impacts of Learning Organization on Employees' Performance

III. Green economy and social responsibility

3.1. Vietnam’s energy strategy towards green economy in the context of international integration

3.2. A study on waste issues in Vietnam to achieve environmental sustainability

3.3. Green transport development in city logistics system in Vietnam

3.4. A study on energy-saving behaviors of Vietnamese households

3.5. Investigating tourist behaviors for eco-tourism development

3.6. The impact of corporate social responsibility on corporate finance: Evidence from Vietnam

3.7. An empirical study on impact of perceived corporate social responsibility and purchase intention

IV. Restructuring and reform of corporate governance

4.1. Empirical research in business environment, corporate governance and corporate financial decisions

4.2. Asset pricing and volatility forecasting: Applications in portfolio, risk and financial management

4.3. The impact of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on the brand equity of consumer goods retailers

4.4. Effects of investor psychology on risks and returns on the Vietnamese securities markets

4.5. Applying digitalized tools in logistics operations and supply chain management



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