Full scholarship ceremony of AIG Insurance Co., Ltd Vietnam

09 Sep 2014
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On September 09, 2014, Full scholarship ceremony took place at Foreign Trade University by AIG Insurance Company Limited to 10 excellent students in 2014, equals two hundred and fifty dollars per scholarship.
The scholarship covers full tuition and personal insurance in AIG. Selected students who receive scholarships will have the opportunity to practice or work in the summer in AIG Vietnam.
Attending the ceremony, from AIG Insurance Co., Ltd Vietnam, there are the presence of: Ms. Susan Elizabeth Loftus - CEO & General Manager; Ms Nguyen Nguyet Thanh - Deputy General Director and members of the company. About the Foreign Trade University, there is the presence of: Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Chau - President of FTU, Dean of Faculties and 10 outstanding students who received the scholarships of AIG in 2014.
Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Susan Elizabeth Loftus - CEO & General Manager said she was honored to have been awarded full scholarships for FTU students . She hopes that in the future more FTU students will work and have a long-term commitment to AIG Insurance Co., Ltd Vietnam.
Through this meeting President - Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Chau also officially invited AIG to participate in the educational process of FTU through the form of seminars, workshops, receive and guide the students to practice. Insurance is one of the important subjects of FTUstudents' program.
The collaboration with AIG now in the process of training will facilitate pupils to approach with a more realistic situation, learn valuable experience of the AIG employees and have direct participation, access to the international working environment.
Foreign Trade University believes that AIG will continue to support and encourage more hard-working students, contributes to the achievement of FTU students in the future.

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