Aeon Scholarship award ceremony 2014

03 Dec 2014
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The Aeon scholarship award ceremony was held in the morning of December 3th, 2014 at Foreign Trade University to 30 excellent students who achieved outstanding results in study. Each scholarship was worth $290 (two hundred and ninety dollars). In the partnership agreement since 2012, this was the third year in a row that AEON has launched its Scholarship Program at FTU.

The ceremony participants had:

  • Mr Hiroshi Yoko - Vice President of AEON 1% Club and also the member of Aeon's Board of Directors,
  • Mr Konishi Yukio General Director of Aeon Co. Ltd in Vietnam,
  • Mr Tadahiko Ishikawa - AEON Vietnam Representative in Hanoi,
  • Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Chau - President of Foreign Trade University, and Dean of Faculties and students of FTU.

Speaking at ceremony, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Chau - Former President of FTU expressed his profound thanks to the AEON Corporation for supporting the students’ study. He also stated, this ceremony was more meaningful in the context of ever increasing Vietnam - Japan comprehensive cooperation. In addition, many students who graduated from Foreign Trade University have been working for the famous groups of Japan in Vietnam.

At the moment, FTU are given priority in training and doing research on Japanese Study. Many FTU students have studied abroad in Japan through exchange programs, exchange students between Japan and FTU. Furthermore, they have been working for the famous groups of Japan in Vietnam.

Mr. Hiroshi Yokoo has affirmed AEON Corporation goal is sustainable community development, especially in the field of education and the environment. The investment in Vietnam marked a major turning point in the construction and development of the AEON Group in Southeast Asia in general and particularly in Vietnam. He expressed his wish that students who have been awarded the third AEON Scholarship could continue to study hard and be brave in putting what they have learned into practice so as to make greater contributions to society.

After the speech, Mr Hiroshi Yokoo, Mr Yukio Konishi and Mr Tadahiko Ishikawa took turns to present 30 scholarships for outstanding students of FTU. AEON 1% club received the fund contribution of 1% pretax profit of AEON Corporation to implement the activities in exchanging culture and international students, environment preservation, local culture reconstruction, and education.

FTU students receiving AEON scholarships will have a chance to work at Aeon Co. Ltd. This demonstrates the commitment to strive sustainable development in Vietnam community from AEON - the leading retailer in Asia.

Information about AEON
The Aeon Group is a major distribution enterprise consisting of more than 180 national and international companies centered on the Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. within the pure holding company of Aeon Co., Ltd. Recognizing that Japan belongs to a single market with the rest of Asia, the Group strives to form close relationships with each region and provides shops, products and services that meet regional needs.
AEON Scholarship (AEON).
The AEON 1% Club was inaugurated in 1989 with grants from AEON to protect the environment, promote international culture and inter-personal exchange, and revitalize local cultures and communities. Based on their core values of pursuing peace, respect for humanity, and contribution to the community, they provide scholarships for newly enrolling international students as a part of international culture and inter-personal exchange activities.
This scholarship is applicable for all IRP, IDP, PMPP and MBA applicants (both domestic and international applicants).

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