An exchange day between students from Foreign Trade University and Nanhua University

17 Jan 2017
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On 17 January 2017, together with students from Bachelor of Business Chinese of Foreign Trade University, Faculty of International Education welcomed 20 students and lecturer from Nanhua University, Taiwan. The event created the opportunity for Foreign Trade University’s students to exchange cultures, advance their foreign language, and embrace social interactive skills.

To begin the exciting tour at Foreign Trade University, Nanhua University’s students had joined Ms. Bich Ngoc, the lecturer from Department of Chinese Studies in a lively class. This learning experience had strengthened the teacher-student relationship between two countries.


The study tour was followed by culture-exchange activities. Foreign Trade University’s students prepared a short video introducing Vietnam’s wonderful sceneries, the beauty of Vietnamese traditions, and the rapid development of the country. Besides, amusing games and activities were held to connect students of the two universities. Additionally, the students from Nanhua Universities had enjoyed the meal in Foreign Trade University’s cafeteria to explore a typical day here.



The Exchange Day has successfully tightened the interrelationship between the Faculty of International Education of Foreign Trade University and Nanhua University.

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