Association of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance and Earnings Management: Evidence from China

19 Jun 2017
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On 19th June, 2017, the Faculty of Business Administration in cooperation with the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing and the Research team into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Foreign Trade University held a scientific seminar with the theme “Association of corporate social responsibility performance and earnings management: Evidence from China”.

The seminar had the participant of: Dr. Karan Vijay from the California State University, Fullerton.

From FTU, there were the participation of: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Thu Giang - Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy - Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thai Phong - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh - Vice Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Dang Thi Huyen Huong - Vice Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing and lecturers who were interested in this topic.

The content of the seminar focused on practical issues and research results on social responsibility and revenue management in state- owned enterprises and non-state owned enterprises in China. The seminar provided many useful information and knowledge for staffs and teachers, especially for the research team into CSR. Throughout the seminar, the participants had a frank and open discussion on the remaining issues in order to provide valuable lessons and experiences on CSR issues in Viet Nam.

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