Research Project: "Developing Students' Writing Skills in Higher Education: A Study for Educational Reform"

15 Sep 2016
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The study aims at understanding the ways in which writing is organized around the literatures of several disciplines, identifying some most common problems encountered by Vietnamese students in achieving effective L2 writing skills at the university level, figuring out causes of these problems, suggesting appropriate solutions to overcome these problems, and facilitating efficient teaching and learning of L2 writing for teachers and students at FTU.

Implications are made for the teaching/learning of writing and program development in light of the educational reform in Vietnam in general and at FTU in particular.
The project presentation will address the key elements involved in the research:

1. Requirements of writing in higher education;
2. Overview of the teaching and learning L2 writing in Vietnam;
3. The current situation of the teaching and learning L2 writing at FTU;
4. Needs for L2 Writing Instruction;
5. Research Proposal.

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