The Scientific Seminar of "Financial Solution for Development of Supporting Industry in Vietnam"

18 Dec 2017
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On December 18th 2017, Faculty of Finance and Banking of Foreign Trade University (FTU) held the scientific seminar of "Financial solution for development of supporting industry in Vietnam" within the framework of the scientific and technological subjects at ministerial level of "Research on financial solutions for development of supporting industries in Viet Nam" which was led by Dr. Duong Thi Hong Van.

On the side of FTU, there was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Dung - Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking together with the scientists, members who performed the subject and lecturers of the faculty.

The scientific seminar was also attended by Mr. Dau Anh Tuan -Director General of the Legal Department of VCCI.

Dr. Duong Thi Hong Van pressented the subject of the scientific seminar

At the beginning of the seminar, the head of the subject - Dr. Duong Thi Hong Van has highlighted the importance of financial solutions for the development of supporting industries in Vietnam.

The presentations in the seminar focused on three main topics:

- Development Status of small and medium enterprises in general and supporting industries in particular;

- Experiences in developing supportive technology of countries in the world;

- Funding policy of the supporting industry of enterprises in Vietnam.

The papers received positive feedback from scientists to clarify the results of the authors' research. This was the basis for the research team to complete the subject before acceptance.

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