FTU attend the tenth Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting - VEAM 2017

03 Aug 2017
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From 1st – 3rd August, 2017, the tenth Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM) officially took place at the Banking University in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM) is an annual meeting organized for economists and social researchers around the world to present their scholarly studies and works. This year, the Banking University Ho Chi Minh City, the Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Foreign Trade University (FTU) host the Tenth Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM 2017).

This year's conference attracted the participation of 85 universities from 14 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, UK, USA and Vietnam. At the conference, more than 100 speeches were selected for the presentation, including valuable articles by professors, researchers and students from various training programs both domestically and internationally.

VEAM brings together economists, social scientists and PhD students from Vietnam and all over the world to exchange their ideas on economics, finance and management. The meeting provides an opportunity to nurture a worldwide network of Vietnamese economists and other social scientists, expand and consolidate cooperation in scientific researches. It is an opportunity for Vietnamese universities, economics, finance and management schools, governmental agencies and companies to learn and experience high
quality scholarly research. The meeting includes a variety of other activities, including informal discussions between junior and senior researchers, presentations by leading international economists, and distinguished guests.

The delegation of Foreign Trade University has 7 lectures ands officers attending the VEAM conference 2017: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Ngoc Tien - Head of Human Resources & Administration Department - member of Organizing Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thai Phong - Dean of Business Administration, Dr. Ho Hong Hai and Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan - lectures of Finance and Banking, Dr. Phan Thi Van and MSc. Cao Thi Hong Vinh - lecture of Economics and International Business, Dr. Vu Thi Phuong Mai and MSc. Thai Long and MSc. Phi Minh Hong - lectures of International Economics, MSc. Ngo Ngoc Quang and MSc. Tran Thi Phuong Thuy and MSc. Nguyen Huynh Doan Trang from FTU Ho Chi Minh City Campus. The delegation of FTU presented and gave positive contributions to many presentations in various fields of study.

In addition to the official activities, the delegation also enthusiastically participated in activities that were organized on the sidelines of the conference to enhance the exchange of study and connections with domestic and foreign scholars.

At the end of the conference, the research articles of Dr. Vu Thi Phuong Mai - lecture of International Economics from Foreign Trade University was honored to be awarded the second prize for the best research by the VEAM Science Council 2017. FTU is also proud to host the 11th VEAM Conference on 1st – 2nd June, 2018 in Hanoi.

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