Review session on education accreditation results for the nation’s first 5 academic programs and 8 universities according to the quality accreditation standards of Ministry of Education and Training

19 Feb 2017
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In February 18th – 19th 2017, Council of education accreditation – Vietnam National University Center for Education Accreditation (VNU-CEA) had held the Meeting Session no. VI in order to review the quality accreditation results for 8 universities and 5 academic programs that had been evaluated by VNU-CEA. This was the 3rd time Council of education accreditation held the meeting for review on accreditation result for universities and the first time for academic programs.

Participants of the meeting included members from the Council, the management board of VNU-CEA, representatives of external accreditation experts, and the representatives of the management boards of 8 universities and 1 university of which the academic programs were accredited. Director of the Center and Chair of the Council, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quy Thanh was in charge of monitoring the session.  

The whole view of Session no. VI, Council of Education Accreditation

Opening the meeting session, Chair of Council Nguyen Quy Thanh passed the procedure, protocol, methods and content of education accreditation, emphasizing the mutual agreement protocol; the discussion method and guarantee to make conclusions that were solely based on evidence.

The Council of education accreditation had accordingly reviewed the accreditation results for 4 member universities of Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh city (including HCMUS, UIT, HCMUSSH, University of Economics and Law); 2 member universities of Hue university (Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry,  Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy); Foreign Trade University and Sai Gon University. The council also reviewed the accreditation results for 5 academic programs from University of Transport and Communications. These were the first academic programs in Vietnam that went under external accreditation according to the quality accreditation standardized criteria developed by Ministry of Education and Training.

Director of the Center and Chair of the Council, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quy Thanh was in charge of monitoring the session.  

The procedure of educational quality accreditation for universities and academic programs included the detailed steps: representative of the university’s management board reported on the university/program; representative of the external accreditation experts group reported on the process and result of the accreditation activities; the Council discussed about the ongoing issues with the representatives of the university’s management board and accreditation experts; after that, the Council worked on private discussion that focused on the remaining issues of the university/program to make applicable suggestions for the university/program to continue to improve in the future.

The Council of Education Accreditation, VNU-CEA

In order to review the quality accreditation results of the universities and academic programs for the session no. VI, the Council members had been making researches on 13 Accreditation files, every file includes a self-assessment report, an external assessment report, report on issues needed for further discussion, report of the subcommittee of Expertise on reviewing results of the university’s self-assessment report, review on procedure, method and content of the external assessment report, monitoring report of the Center and other related document.

After two meeting sessions with a serious, straightforward and open-minded attitude, the Council had voted to pass the Resolution on quality accreditation for 8 universities and 5 academic programs. Until February 2017, the Council had reviewed the accreditation results for 14 universities and 5 academic programs, as well as having proposed to the Director of VNU-CEA to provide the educational quality accreditation certification for every accredited university and program.

Source: VNU-CEA

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