The seminar of deployment of teaching the curriculum Skillful Reading & Writting

02 Nov 2016
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On November 2rd, 2016, Foreign Trade University (FTU) organized a seminar with the theme "How to use reference materials and implement teaching activities on Skillful Reading & Writing curriculum".

The English Department of FTU hold this seminars with the aim of giving the reference documents in order to help English teachers reduce the burden of finding documents, as well as having more ideas to build reference to other books and help students to improve the reading method, increase their vocabulary...

Through the survey period, the authors have made preliminary assessments of Skillful Reading & Writing curriculum. This is a accessible curriculum, integrate two skills: reading and writing that is taught according to the levels through the semesters, attractive and close topics with update content and is built base on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. However, like the other books, Skillful Reading & Writing curiculum also has a certain limited number such as small activities, questions are not exploited the content fully or writing skill is not worked methodically

In order to improve the quality of lectures, provide additional resources for teachers, reduce paperwork preparation time as well as diversify the forms of exercises in class and provide more knowledge for students, the authors have compiled the references with contents follow the original curriculum, develope four main categories of each unit....

With determination and the appropriate methods of work, the authors have obtained the references to good results, especially useful for students to grasp the lecture layout as well as helping teachers have more ideas to build references for other books.

Here are some photos of the seminar:

 Ms Pham Hong Nhung - teacher of FTU English Department  introduced the Skillful Reading & Writing curriculum


 Ms Ta Thi Tram Huong - teacher of FTU English Department gave her speech at the seminar

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