Foreign Trade University welcomed course No. 55 students entering school

05 Sep 2016
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On September 05th 2016, the first day entering school of the new students - course No. 55 took place at Foreign Trade University. Although the enrollment period lasts for 3 days from 05th September to 07th September 2016, but this morning FTU has welcomed nearly 500 students to do the admission procedures. Students and parents to come along all have the general mood of overjoyed and excited.

In order to support the new students going through the University admission process quickly and smoothly, FTU's teachers with student volunteers of the Youth Union and the Student Association were here very early and always on duty at the procedures place to guide the new students.

Foreign Trade University also gave them a lot of activities that were organized by FTU's clubs to help course No. 55 students exchange, get acquainted and soon integrate into the study environment of FTU.

Beside, FTU Open Tour from the FTU Forum club and the Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) assist the new students a better understanding of where they will be attached in the next 4 years.

FTU had given gift such as: a uniform shirt, a lanyard, a University Guidebook which provide full information about the Undergraduate Training Program academy year 2016-2017 for the new members of FTU's house. Hopefully this significant gift will be a motivation for them to strive further in the upcoming school year.

Source: Communications and External Relations Office of FTU provided.






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