Closing ceremony of the course "Impact Consulting Camp 2018"

16 Jul 2018
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From July 16th to 23rd, 2018, the center of FTU Innovation and Incubation Space (FIIS) of Foreign Trade University (FTU) cooperated with HanYang University (Korea) organized the course "Impact Consulting Camp 2018"

Experience yourself in a different environment, study and work with foreign friends in short term and pressure is one of the challenges in the course "Impact Consulting Camp 2018".

At the first meeting, the warm and energetic atmosphere were spread not only to Vietnamese students but also to Korean students. Next, the interesting experiences at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Reflection Session helped the students recognize what create themselves in the past, identify themselves in the present and orient for the future. The next two days were the chain of high intensity training on sector prioritization of Professor Kwang Kim from Georgetown University (USA) created unexpected challenges but it was also a strong push to show students' ability, especially in presenting the project to World Bank. Digital Marketing is the next part in Impact Consulting Camp bringing the most general view from which to come to specific and practical implementation of a communication plan for Vietnamese enterprises such as VinaFood1, LitiDecor or FIIS. FTU and HanYang University also held a field trip in Halong Bay for the students, so that they could regain the spirit and more connected with each other. Apart from acquiring more knowledge, soft skills such as teamwork, scientific research, practical practice were also welcomed enthusiastically by the students.

The course "Impact Consulting Camp 2018" ended successfully. It brings not only useful lessons to the students but also shows the close relationship between the FTU (FIIS) and HanYang (Korea).


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