The leader of FTU had a meeting with the leaders of TIENS Group and TIENS International University

21 May 2018
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On May 21st, 2018, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan - President of Foreign Trade University (FTU) had a meeting and working with Mr. Li Jinyuan - the Chairman of TIENS Group cum the President of TIENS International University.

There was also the participant of representatives from International Cooperation Department and FIIS Center of FTU.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan - President of FTU (right) presented gifts to the Chairman of TIENS Group cum the President of TIENS International University (left)

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan - President of FTU warmly welcomed Mr. Li Jinyuan to visit and work at FTU.


Mr. Li Jinyuan (left) presented certification for Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan (right)

Mr. Li Jinyuan expressed his pleasure in visiting and working with FTU and he supposed that the opportunity of cooperation of both sides were great. He also hoped Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan could become a senior adviser to TIENS International University.

FTU and TIENS International University have presented brief history of the formation and development, characteristics and strengths of each university. Two universities also discussed about the potential cooperation opportunities in the future. 

Overview of the meeting

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