Study Adelaide - South Australian Government had a visit and worked with Foreign Trade University

08 Mar 2018
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On March 08th, 2018, Managing Director of Study Adelaide - Mr. Andrew Houey had a meeting with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan - President of Foreign Trade University (FTU)

FTU's students have had achievements of Study Adelaide Student Ambassadors contest for 2 consecutive years. FTU was highly appreciated for by South Australian Government for training and support students.

During the meeting, Mr. Andrew gave a lot of praise about foreign language skills and the enthusiasm and creativity of FTU's students. He hoped there would be more programs to support the development of students in the future.

Managing Director of Study Adelaide - Mr. Andrew Houey took photos with students of FTU

On March 06th, 2018, the Government of South Australian held a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City to officially announce the title "Adelaide Student Ambassador 2017".

Accordingly, overcame other 1,500 candidates, Mr. Mai Huy Hoang, who was studying at Hanoi Foreign Trade University, became the second Vietnamese student representing Adelaide (South Australia) to accompany in social activities and promote education for the city of this Kangaroo country. It is also the second time that this noble title belongs to students of Foreign Trade University.

Mr. Mai Huy Hoang will be offered a four weeks English course in Adelaide, and have the opportunity to participate in many activities experience in the world's most beautiful and livable city.

"Adelaide Student Ambassador 2017" is an educational event that attracts the attention of many educational institutions, universities, as well as social media agencies. 

Mr. Mai Huy Hoang - a student of FTU became the second Vietnamese student representing Adelaide (South Australia)

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