FTU welcomed the Budapest Business School (BBS), University of Applied Sciences (Hungary)

18 Jun 2017
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On 19th June, 2017, the representatives of Foreign Trade University (FTU) had a meeting and worked with representatives of the Budapest Business School (BBS), University of Applied Sciences (Hungary)

At the meeting, the representatives of FTU expressed their pleasure to welcome the delegation of BBS to visit and work with FTU. The two sides have exchanged on these issues: information technology application in economic teaching, research teams coordination between the two parties. This meeting has set the stage for two-way cooperation in terms of teaching, training and collaborative scientific research.

The Budapest Business School (BBS) is known as one of the leading universities in Hungary. With its four faculties, with about 18,000 students and 450 academic staff, BBS become the first University of Applied Sciences in Hungary which covers the wide-ranging demands of the labour-markets in the fields of theory and practice of finance, market and business. It has many similarities as the Foreign Trade University. Therefore, both sides also like to have the opportunity to exchange and support each other in training, teaching and research.

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