Job Fair 2018 and its impressive 10 years journey

07 Apr 2018
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On April 07th, 2018, Vietnam - Japan Institute for Human Resources Development (VJCC) - Foreign Trade University held Job Fair 2018

Being the biggest recruitment event hosted by VJCC Institute, Job Fair 2018 has attracted 11 leading Japanese businesses and nearly 200 students and interested individuals to come and search for good working opportunities.

This year, Job Fair welcomed the apperance of distinguished guests from both Japan and Vietnam: Mr. Atsuto Kimura – General Secretary of JBAV (now changed into Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – JCCI), Mrs. Kazuko Nagura – Deputy head of JETRO in Hanoi, Mr. Toshiki ANDO – Director of Japan Foundation in Vietnam, Mr. Kakioka Naoki, Deputy Chief representative of JICA in Vietnam.

Representing organization units, the event is honorly joined by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – President of Foreign Trade University, Dr. Pham Thu Huong – Head of Labor Union, Head of Undergraduate Studies department, Foreign Trade University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Thi Hien – Head of Department of International Cooperation, Ms. Le Phuong Ha – Deputy head of Department of Communication and External affairs - Foreign Trade University. From VJCC Insitute, the event welcomes Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien – Director and Mr. Sasaki Juichiro – Chief Adisor of VJCC institute.


 Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – President of FTU deliverer a speech at the job fair 

In the beginning, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – President of Foreign Trade University – representative of organizing units- delivered the opening speech for Job Fair 2018. The principal acknowledged and appreciated the efforts and achievements that the VJCC has made in human resource training, as well as organizing networking events among Japanese enterprises and students in Viet Nam. The President also gave special thanks to the support of the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, the Japanese agencies, especially the active cooperation of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The president expressed his hope that the 10th Job Fair this year will be a useful exchange for all stakeholders, contributing to the enhancement of mutual understanding between Vietnam and Japan.


Mr. Sasaki Juichiro, Chief Advisor of VJCC Institute gave a keynote speech at the event

Mr. Sasaki Juichiro, Chief Advisor of VJCC Institute, also gave a keynote speech at the event, confirming Job Fair's move to the 10th year as a very clear demonstration of the success and influence that the event has in the business community as well as in Vietnam. He expressed his hope for the success of Job Fair 2018, as an important milestone in the Japanese and Vietnamese business cooperation that VJCC has been building ever since. 

Mr. Watanabe Shinji gave a special speech on the subject "Essentials competencie for today"

Also noteworthy at this year's event, the audience were given a special speech on the subject "Essentials competencie for today", presented by Mr. Watanabe Shinji, Fujitsu General Director Computer products of Vietnam, INC. From the perspective of business, he shared very frankly about the qualities and skills that students need in the context of development today. This enthusiastic sharing has received a great response from a large number of students as well as representatives of participating enterprises. 

A representative of Japanese Enterprises introduced about the business activities of the company

Representatives of Japanese Enterprises introduced about the business activities of the company

On the part of the participating enterprises, each business has a short presentation in order to introduce the business as well as the existing job opportunities for students.


Following the first part, part 2- with content exchange and direct inquiries at the booth of the business took place in extremely exciting and effective atmosphere. Students are free to visit, listen to specific introduction and exchange, look for job opportunities at the counseling desk of businesses participating in Job Fair.

 The event ended by gift awarding to participants: 01 first prize – A full scholarship for a Japanese language course at VJCC; 01 second prize - A smartphone; 03 Third prize - A blood pressure monitor from Terumo; and 20 Consolation Prizes have found their owners after a dramatic and engaging draw. 

It can be said that Job Fair 2018 has earned a great success and deserves to be regarded as a milestone on the path of 10 years of VJCC's mission of connecting business and students. Hopefully, for businesses, Job Fair will always be a networking place where companies can look for talented candidates; and for the students, hope that they will find themselves new opportunities and new prospects behind the door of Job Fair 2018.

Source: vjcc

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