The Danish Embassy Organized the 5th Job Fair

05 Jun 2018
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On June 05th, 2018, the 5th Job Fair was held at the Embassy of Denmark with the participation of more than 40 students.

Employment is a major socio-economic issue in our country today. After graduation, many students and their parents have made great effort in order to get a job in a professional environment that suits their specialty and themselves.

Understanding the needs of society, Foreign Trade University (FTU) in general and the Faculty of International Education in particular always try to create all conditions to give students a chance to access the employment opportunities.

"Job Fair" is an annual event organized by the Embassy of Denmark that specifically for students in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, associates between the FTU and Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark. This is also the advantage of the program to help students before graduation to be able to approach big companies immediately. 


In the cozy atmosphere of the Embassy of the Danish Ambassador, with the warm welcome, the students are comfortable and happy before taking part in the interview with the warm welcome and cozy atmosphere at residence of the Ambassador of Denmark

In his opening remarks, Mr. Morten Pristed - Education and Health Counselor cum Ambassador of Denmark said that over 45 years of establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam, the Embassy of Denmark has always paid much attention to the development of education. "Job Fair" is a mark in the cooperation between two sides, acting as a bridge to support Danish enterprises in Vietnam in recruitment and supporting the students of the affiliate program to work in Danish businesses at the same time.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thuy Ngoc – Dean of Faculty of International Education and Mr. Morten Pristed - Education and Health Counselor cum Ambassador of Denmark deliver a speech before the interview

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thuy Ngoc - Dean of Faculty of International Education sent a deep thanks to the Embassy of Denmark who always accompany FTU in developing education and expressing the role of connection between two countries.

In addition, she also thanked the six companies: Esoftflow, Maersk Broker, Novo Nordisk, Pixelz, Shipco Transport, Topas Ecolodge who accompanied with the Danish Embassy and Foreign Trade University in the 5th "Job Fair". Finally, she wished the students could be calm, self-confident to show all their knowledges and have the worthwhile experience to create a solid premise when they enter the challenging stage in the future.


Students listen carefully to the instructions of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thuy Ngoc

 To give students a better understanding of the culture, work environment and recruitment needs of businesses, representatives of the enterprises have greetings and impressive introduction to the students of FTU.


Representative of Maersk Broker Vietnam


Representatives of Topas Ecolodge expected an impressive performance from the students


After the introduction, the interview took place in a serious atmosphere. The atmosphere was intense and serious during the interview


Employers felts interesting with many applicants 

Pixelz is one of the leading companies in image editing and software development. Pixelz now has offices around the world, from Europe, America to Asia. In Vietnam, their offices in Ha Noi and Da Nang have over 700 employees.

Topas Ecolodge belongs to Topas Travel company was founded in 1973 in Denmark, operating in the field of tourism. The working environment of Topas is suitable for people who are interested in travelling and exploring.

Maersk Broker is a global shipbuilding company with over 100 years of experience, providing shipbrocking services.

Novo Nordisk is a global health care company with more than 90 years of innovation, their functional foods are distributed in over 80 countries. Novo Nordisk is among the top 15 of best working environments. Novo Nordisk is really a dream work environment for students.

Esoftflow Company belongs to Esoft Systems Corporation - one of the leading corporations of Denmark in developing and providing solutions and graphics products. Coming to the Job Fair this year, Esoftflow highly motivate candidates who are enthusiastic in work.

Shipco Transport is a subsidiary of Scan-Group of Denmark, Operating in the field of providing airfreight services, LCL and FCL Ocean Freight started in 1969.

Shipco Transport operates over 75 offices in more than 30 countries across 5 continents with a workforce of over 2,200.

At the end of the interview, Danish businesses highly appreciated the ability of students in language proficiency and communication style. Moreover, there were excellent factors that surprise the employers. From that, the employers highly appreciated the Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Finance which associate between FTU and Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark. Danish businesses confirmed that they would accompany with the Embassy of Denmark and FTU in "Job Fair" in the following years.

Interview results will be sent to the students within 2 weeks after the Job Fair.

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