The Final Contest of the Talented Auditors Cup 2017

29 Oct 2017
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In the morning of October 29th 2017, the Final Contest of the Talented Auditors Cup 2017 (TAC 2017) took place at the Pupil - Student Cultural House. 

This contest was organized by the Club of Future Accountants and Auditors (CFAA) of the Foreign Trade University (FTU) with the competitions of three excellent teams: KINGSMAN, THE SKY and THE SAIL.

On the side of FTU, there was the participant of Dr. Tran Thi Kim Anh - Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Dr. Dang Thi Huyen Huong - Deputy Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Master Hoang Tuan Dung - Secretary of the Youth Union. In addition, the judges of this year's competition were the leading experts in Accounting and Auditing, who brought the important responsibility to find out the most worthy candidate for the champion of TAC 2017.

The Talented Auditors Cup 2017 is not only an useful playground for students who are interested in Accounting - Auditing - Finance, but also allows students to exchange knowledge and give them the opportunity to approach employers of large companies in the field of Accounting - Auditing - Finance. It attracted more than 1600 participants with the sponsorship of reputable companies, the competition was hoped to achieve more success in the coming years.

Three teams competed in the finals night that have been through four challenging rounds, including: MOTION, SHAPE, CONVERGENCE, SHINNING.

The final result was KINGSMAN's team became the champion of TAC 2017, the second prize belonged to THE SKY and the third prize belonged to THE SAIL.

Here are some photos of TAC 2017: 

Dr. Tran Thi Kim Anh - Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing delivered a speech at TAC 2017

Three excellent teams competed in the finals night

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