On the morning of May 28th, 2018, President of Kanto University, Prof. Hiroyoshi Kiku had a meeting with President of the Foreign Trade University and the Board of Directors of VJCC Institute on further cooperation opportunities, following the initial success of the Japanese style Advanced Undergraduate program.

On April 07th, 2018, Vietnam - Japan Institute for Human Resources Development (VJCC) - Foreign Trade University held Job Fair 2018

On August 03rd, 2018, Foreign Trade University (FTU) coordinated with Topica Edtech Group to organize a training course on training, teaching and management for distance learning program in University level follow advanced model.

From July 16th to 23rd, 2018, the center of FTU Innovation and Incubation Space (FIIS) of Foreign Trade University (FTU) cooperated with HanYang University (Korea) organized the course "Impact Consulting Camp 2018"

On the afternoon of July 30th, 2018, the Faculty of French Language organized a seminar on "Innovating the methods of Teaching and Learning of French Courses at Foreign Trade University (FTU)".

In order to deployment extensively the task of internationalization of education, on August 03rd, 2018, Foreign Trade University (FTU) has welcomed the delegation of international students to study one semester to two semesters at FTU.

On August 07th, 2018, Foreign Trade University (FTU) had a meeting with the delegation of Japi (Japan).

On August 07th, 2018, Foreign Trade University (FTU) signed a cooperation agreement with Takara Belmont Group (Japan).

On June 05th, 2018, the 5th Job Fair was held at the Embassy of Denmark with the participation of more than 40 students.

On May 26th, 2018, The Final of I-invest Competition 2018: "I- shine" was held at the Star Galaxy Center, Hanoi by Securities Investment Club (SIC) of Foreign Trade University (FTU).

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Foreign Trade University, or FTU, is a university established in 1960, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. FTU is among the most well-known universities in Vietnam, covering a wide range of business courses among which are finance, management, and marketing. The annual admissions test to the university is the most competitive in Vietnam. Students from FTU are recognized as being active and well-qualified.